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Photo courtesy of Husky Energy


Project Location

Lloydminster, AB, Canada

Plans Approved for Lloydminster’s Billion-Dollar Upgrader

It was built in Saskatchewan, but Alberta engineers played a major role developing the $1.6billion Husky Energy heavy oil upgrader in Lloydminster, a city that literally straddles the borders of the two provinces. Plans were approved in 1988, and the first barrel of synthetic crude was produced in 1992.

About 3.2million hours of engineering work went into the project, which was designed exclusively by Alberta and Saskatchewan firms.


Engineers designed Husky’s heavy oil upgrader in Lloydminster and continue to improve production at the plant. An expansion project underway in 2020 will help the company increase diesel production from 6,000 to 9,000 barrels per day.

photo courtesy of Husky Energy

Photo courtesy of Husky Energy