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Here Come the P.Eng.s

When the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta formed in 1920, members were given the privilege under provincial legislation to call themselves registered professional engineers. This protected title was shortened to professional engineer in 1936.

About 10 years later, the abbreviation P.Eng.still in use todaywas introduced. Historical documents provide a short explanation:

Following a recommendation of Dominion Council of Professional Engineers [now Engineers Canada] and in uniformity with other associations, it was decided to use the abbreviation P.Eng. for the term Professional Engineer.

Geologists and geophysicists were governed under the professional engineer title until 1960, when separate titles were introduced. Read the story here.


A notice printed in a 1953 edition of the Alberta Professional Engineer encourages the proper use of the P.Eng. title. After the P.Eng. abbreviation was adopted, members were encouraged to use it after their names to help increase public recognition.

Alberta Professional Engineer 1953